We work with specialist B2B Telecoms & Internet provider Globe2.

Send us a copy of your bill and we will compare your existing telecom and broadband bills to see whether or not we can save you money.

If you are with a traditional operator such as BT the chances are that we will be able to offer a significant saving.

Globe2 offers a business grade telecoms service with all the functionality that a business can require, often for less than the cost of a standard BT line.

Some of the functions that can be provided include:

* Call Recording
* Virtual Switchboard
* Call Queueing
* Call Routing
* Multiple Extensions / Inboxes
* Any area UK code number plus 0845, 0844, 0800 numbers
* SIM Cards for Mobiles
* Voicemail to Email or SMS
* low cost bulk calls

To find out if you can save money simply send us a copy of your telecoms or broadband bill.

A service you can rely on.

Globe2 provides telecom solutions to businesses across all sectors: architects, ad agencies, film production companies, caterers, photographers, builders, marketing agencies, dress makers, IT support companies, SEO companies, holiday companies plus many more – they also provide the telecoms for never pay more which is why we’re happy to recommend it!

Send us your Telecom/Broadband Bill now to see how we can help.