NPM Solutions Ltd was formed in 2010 with a mission to save businesses time and money in sourcing the best deals for their Utilities. This includes Gas, Electricity, Telecoms, Broadband, Voip Lines, Water rates, plus any other products which become available that can potentially save your business money.

We appreciate you are bombarded with calls and emails from companies wasting your valuable time, hence the reason we only contact you when necessary. You will also be provided with free tips on how to reduce those unwanted calls!!

NeverPayMore have also helped many people save hundreds of pounds on their home energy bills using our, simple-to-use, domestic calculator.

Working with thousands of businesses all over the UK and consistently providing an excellent service, NeverPayMore have gone from strength to strength each year. With over 60% of UK energy now procured through Energy Brokers like Never Pay More, our free service has become invaluable to our clients.


Our services extend beyond sourcing the right contract for your business. Our team have assisted clients with various contractual issues, including:

*Overcharged Bills
*Incorrect Pricing
*Missing Invoices
*Complaint Handling
*New Connections & Disconnections
*Debt Management
*Plus many other scenarios!

Our clients are based ALL over the UK and come from a variety of industry sectors including Hotels, Schools, Religious Organisations, Farmers, Butchers, Launderettes, Dry Cleaners, Nursing Homes, Printing Firms, Factories and many more.